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V TRE (prototype)

Other Names:
Robert Morris (American, 1931 - 2018) (Artist), Dieter Roth (Swiss, 1930-1998) (Artist), Claes Oldenburg (American, 1929-2022) (Artist), Jackson Mac Low (American, born 1922) (Artist), George Brecht (American, 1926-2008) (Publisher)
V TRE (prototype)
Alternate Titles:
Ellsworth Snyder collection of Fluxus multiples and ephemera, V TRE
Credit Line:
Ellsworth Snyder collection of Fluxus multiples and ephemera, 1958-1987.
Art & Architecture
Object Number:
JQJ 11-41, Box 6.12
This collage of concept works, event scores, poems included Robert Morris, Dieter Rot, Claes Oldenburg and Jackson Mac Low and was published by Brecht from New Jersey in 1963.
From the first announcement of the word, Fluxus was meant to be a magazine. When that ambition prevailed it was in the shape of V TRE, which began in 1963 outside the aegis of Fluxus, as a personal publication by George Brecht- and continued sporadically until after Maciunas' death in 1978. V TRE [the name comes from a faulty neon sign noticed by Brecht, apparently] was a parody of a newspaper, with earlier issues approximating newspaper layout, using cheap newsprint stock, and retailing for cents rather than dollars. As editorial control passed from Brecht to Maciunas through the first few issues, so the format and titling began to change.
Catalogue Raisonne
Fluxus Necessarius # 24