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The Pocket Theatre Presents Events and Entertainments

Other Names:
George Brecht (American, 1926-2008) (Artist), Yvonne Rainer (American, born 1934) (Artist), Steve Paxton (American, born 1939) (Artist), Robert Morris (American, 1931 - 2018) (Artist), James Waring (American, 1922-1975) (Artist), Fred Herko (American, 1936-1964) (Artist)
The Pocket Theatre Presents Events and Entertainments
Alternate Titles:
Ellsworth Snyder collection of Fluxus multiples and ephemera
Offset lithography
7.2" x 12.2"
Credit Line:
Ellsworth Snyder collection of Fluxus multiples and ephemera, 1958-1987.
Art & Architecture
Object Number:
JQJ 11-41, Box 3.13
Offset Lithograph, addressed to John Cage announcing Seven Mondays of Dances, Diversions and What-Nots at The Pocket Theatre, New York, March 16-April 27, 1964. The artists include: George Brecht, Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton, Robert Morris, James Waring and Fred Herko. Addressed in blue ink to: John Cage/RD Willow Grove Rd./Stoney Point, N,Y, Postmarked March 1964.
Catalogue Raisonne
Fluxus Necessarius # 19