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Zeuch in ein Land, das ich dir zeigen will. Act 7 v 3 [Schraubtaler case, part b]

Daniel Höckhinger (German, active ca. 1732) (Printmaker)
Zeuch in ein Land, das ich dir zeigen will. Act 7 v 3 [Schraubtaler case, part b]
Alternate Titles:
Schraubtaler containing seventeen circular engravings chronicling the Salzburg expulsion of Protestants in 1732, Map of district of "Königsberg" (now Kaliningrad)
ca. 1732
silver, bas-relief, engraving, hand-coloring
Image (diameter): 1 9/16 in. (4 cm) Paper / Sheet (diameter): 1 9/16 in. (4 cm) Overall (metal case, diameter): 1 3/4 in. (4.4 cm)
Credit Line:
Kennedy Fund.
Print Collection
Object Number:
Half of a circular silver Schraubtaler case featuring, in bas relief, a ruler welcoming the exiles into their new home with the scriptural inscription "Zeuch in ein Land, das ich dir zeigen will [Go into the land that I will show you] Act 7:3". On the inside, a hand-colored print of a map of the region of "Königsberg" (now Kaliningrad) has been pasted down. Overall description: One plain circular metal (silver) Schraubtaler, reverse and obverse with cast and chased scenes, each half inset with circular engraved maps, one signed by the maker, Daniel Höckinger, containing a set of seventeen circular paper medallions (complete) each c. 40 mm. in diameter, finely engraved and meticulously hand-colored, once attached to each other (small tabs) still remain on several), small added manuscript numbers to keep them in order, versos hand-painted in various colors in floral designs.