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NO. 35: MAN

Mario Testino (Peruvian, born 1954) (Editor), Patrick Kinmonth (Editor), Carine Roitfeld (French, active 1990s) (Editor), Tom Pecheux (Editor), Marc Lopez (Editor), Thomas Nützl (active 2000s) (Editor), Alexi Lubomirski (British, active 2000s-2010s) (Editor), Antje Winter (Editor), Benjamin Galopin (Editor), Graydon Carter (Canadian, born 1949) (Editor), Joseph Holtzman (Editor), Michael Howells (Editor), Benjamin Liu (Editor), Dashwood Books (Editor), Ashley Heath (British, born 1969) (Editor)
Other Names:
Miles Aldridge (British, born 1964) (Artist), Richard Avedon (American, 1923-2004) (Artist), David Bailey (English, born 1938) (Artist), Jonathan Becker (American, born 1954) (Artist), Paul Berends (Dutch, active 2010s) (Artist), Gary Lee Boas (American, born ca. 1951) (Artist), Thelma Vilas Boas (Brazilian, active 2000s) (Artist), Gisele Bündchen (Brazilian, born 1980) (Artist), Richard Burbridge (active 1990s-2000s) (Artist), Jeff Burton (American, born 1963) (Artist), Paul Cadmus (American, 1904-1999) (Artist), Helena Christensen (Danish, born 1968) (Artist), Larry Clark (American, born 1943) (Artist), Pedro Claudio (Artist), Liz Collins (Artist), Sofia Coppola (American, born 1971) (Artist), Cindy Crawford (American, born 1966) (Artist), Ronnie Cutrone (American, born 1948) (Artist), Bruce Davidson (American, born 1933) (Artist), Vicente De Paulo (Brazilian, active 2010s) (Artist), Jonathan De Villiers (English, born 1968) (Artist), Sophie Delaporte (French, born 1971) (Artist), Horst Diekgerdes (German, born 1960) (Artist), Lucinda Douglas-Menzies (British, born 1956) (Artist), David Downton (Artist), Warren Du Preez (English, active 1980s-2010s) (Artist), Lukas Duwenhögger (Artist), Amy Eckert (American, born 1970) (Artist), Joel Elkins (Artist), Eve Fowler (American, born 1964) (Artist), Carmen Freudenthal (Dutch, born 1965) (Artist), Mary Elizabeth Frey (American, born 1948) (Artist), Sadie Frost (British, born 1965) (Artist), Tim Gardner (Canadian, born 1973) (Artist), Nathaniel Goldberg (French, active 1990s-2000s) (Artist), Douglas Gordon (Scottish, born 1966) (Artist), René Gruau (French, 1909-2004) (Artist), Tim Hailand (American, born 1965) (Artist), Simon Henwood (British, born 1965) (Artist), Eva Herzigova (Czech, born 1973) (Artist), George Hurrell (American, 1904-1992) (Artist), Jade Jagger (French, born 1971) (Artist), Dafydd Jones (English, active 1980s-2010s) (Artist), Greg Kadel (American, active 2000s-2010s) (Artist), Bill King (English, 1939-1987) (Artist), Scott King (Artist), Daniel Klajmic (Brazilian, born 1976) (Artist), Nick Knight (English, born 1958) (Artist), Daniel Kramer (American, born 1932) (Artist), Marcelo Krasilcic (Brazilian, active 1990s) (Artist), Sam Taylor-Wood (English, born 1967) (Artist), James Van Der Zee (American, 1886-1983) (Artist), Richard Prince (American, born 1949) (Artist), Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon (English, 1930-2017) (Artist), Elizabeth Peyton (American, born 1965) (Artist), Peter Robathan (active 1990s-2000s) (Artist), Roxanne Lowit (American, active 1970s-2000s) (Artist), Mario Sorrenti (American, born 1971) (Artist), Carter Smith (American, born 1970) (Artist), Karl Lagerfeld (German, 1933-2019) (Artist), David Lasnet (French, active 2000s) (Artist), Thomas Lenthal (Artist), Thomas Nützl (active 2000s) (Artist), Smythson of Bond Street (Artist), Phil Poynter (British, born 1973) (Artist), Tracey Moffatt (Australian, born 1960) (Artist), Simon Periton (British, born 1964) (Artist), Tim Noble (British, born 1966) (Artist), Sue Webster (British, born 1967) (Artist), Vincent Peters (American, born 1969) (Artist), Sølve Sundsbø (Norwegian, born 1970) (Artist), Richard Phillips (American, born 1962) (Artist), Jordi Labanda (Artist), Dan MacMillian (Artist), Salim Langatta (Italian, born 1977) (Artist), Mark Leckey (British, born 1964) (Artist), Sam Levin (Artist), Sarah Lucas (English, born 1962) (Artist), Pierluigi Macor (Swiss, born 1960) (Artist), Will McBride (American, 1931-2015) (Artist), Andrew McKim (born 1960) (Artist), Donald McPherson (American, born 1969) (Artist), Raymond Pettibon (American, born 1957) (Artist), Sophy Rickett (English, born 1970) (Artist), Mick Rock (British, 1948-2021) (Artist), Ugo Rondinone (Swiss, born 1964) (Artist), Luis Rosario (Artist), Jochem Sanders (Dutch, active 2000s-2010s) (Artist), Howard Schatz (American, born 1940) (Artist), Maurice Scheltens (Dutch, born 1972) (Artist), Claudia Schiffer (German, born 1970) (Artist), Collier Schorr (American, born 1963) (Artist), Bob Seideman (Artist), Jeanloup Sieff (French, 1933-2000) (Artist), David Slijper (English, active 2010s) (Artist), Rena Small (American, born 1954) (Artist), Helen Soloman (Artist), Olga Tobreluts (Russian, born 1970) (Artist), Eduard Van Der Elsken (Dutch, 1925-1990) (Artist), Peter van Straaten (Artist), Elle Verhagen (Artist), Raymond Voinquel (French, 1912-1994) (Artist), Tim Walker (English, born 1970) (Artist), Hype Williams (American, born 1970) (Artist), Tobin Yelland (American, born 1970) (Artist), Richard Young (Artist), Slim Aarons (American, 1916-2006) (Artist), Richard Westall (British, 1765-1836) (Artist), Catherine Opie (American, born 1961) (Artist), Visionaire (Publisher)
NO. 35: MAN
Overall (closed): 12 5/8 x 9 13/16 x 11/16 in. (320 x 250 x 18 mm.)
Credit Line:
Print Collection, The Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs.
Print Collection
Object Number:
MEA++ 09-3, No.35
3021/6000 [pink (color)]; 3072/600 [white (color)]
mixed technique book by 110 artists